"Your path is illuminated by a road map of stars. I am here to guide you" 

The seed of Amare Designs was planted over three years ago. Over the years, it has transformed and evolved immensely - as we all do, over time.

The goal of Amare is to help others illuminate and understand their own path, with the help of astrology and spirituality. By looking to the stars, we can begin to understand ourselves better. We can learn more about our passions, our motives, our drives, and our purpose. We can learn more about ourselves and use this knowledge to improve our interactions with others.

Even for those who don't believe in astrology, it can be an incredibly useful tool for self-reflection. Where do we find truth in our charts? Where do we find resistance? What is it about this information that we resist, and why? Astrology empowers us to ask all the important questions - Amare helps to get you there.

Amare is the creative vision of Angela Marina Remondi, and translates as "to love." We believe that to know oneself is to love oneself.




Angela is the artist, designer, and owner behind Amare Designs. Sun in Virgo, Moon in Sagittarius, Aquarius Rising. Her passion is in creating beautiful pieces and stories to bring people together. Her goal is to help others learn about themselves and heal. She loves adventure and thrives in the wild unknown. She finds it incredibly awkward to have written this paragraph in third person.